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Did a few more Avid Lecture series events. Thanks to all the students and faculty that made us feel welcome at all of your fine establishments.  there's some great film schools out there people...go to them. check out some images on the photo page.
We are wrapping up the eighth season of Deadliest Catch, and man its been crazy.  I've been lucky enough to also be working on some amazing projects on my free time as well.  Keep and eye out for Children of Sorrow, a Horror Indie flick directed by the amazing Jourdan Mcclure.  In the final stages of that, to be released soon.  Also working with Kevin Smith himself on some of the Smodco Live shows that have been shot around the world.  bit of a nerd dream for me, and they're just straight up fun projects.
Can't express how humbling it is to be able to work with amazing dudes like these every day on top of working on Catch.
Love this industry...

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